New online learning resources for Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

By: Vacca Research on Friday, May 13, 2016

Vacca Research is happy to release the first stage of the new online learning resources for Vacuum-Assisted Delivery.

Vacca Research provides both individual and subsidised group member subscriptions to continually updated practical information and medical education for safe vacuum delivery through the Knowledge Base. Attendance at any of our workshop training courses also gives participants Knowledge Base access for 30 days and provides the workshop pre-learning material as well as full access to all vacuum delivery learning areas.

Our guided online learning provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Vacuum Assisted Delivery. Access all learning areas as you work through each of the learning modules. Learn, test and apply your knowledge, record progress and get assistance from our learning facilitators as you go!


The Vacca Research combination of Hands-On training with Online learning provides a holistic approach to responsive and continued vacuum delivery training and risk management. Here is a short video on what to expect from our online learning component.


See our Team Training Solutions. for more information.