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  Hold a Workshop

The vacuum delivery workshop is crucial to your safe vacuum delivery practice. Learn, understand and practice the key skills required for successful vacuum delivery. After covering key concepts such as selection of patients, indications and contraindications, the essential principles of vacuum delivery and safety measures, individuals will learn to recognise and grade instrumental procedures according to the technical skill that is required, and attempt only those vacuum deliveries that fall within their own level of expertise.



    Online E-Learning Preparation

  • Learn the general and more technical principles of Vacuum Assisted Delivery
  • Learn safety and risk management aspects of VAD
  • Test and apply your knowledge prior to the practical workshop

   Hands-On Workshop

  • Learn to recognise, grade & perform safe Vacuum Assisted Delivery and enhance your skill level
  • Learn to perform non-rotational & rotational vacuum deliveries
  • Understand and apply safety and risk management to your VAD procedure

Workshop Outline

Workshop Title:
Standard Workshop in Vacuum Assisted Delivery
Relevance to
general practice:
Learn to recognise and grade instrumental procedures according to the technical skill that is required, and attempt only those vacuum deliveries that fall within your own level of expertise.
  • Effective vacuum delivery technique
  • Correct selection of patients where VAD will provide a safe outcome
  • Selection and use of equipment in vacuum delivery
  • How to apply the vacuum cup with correct technique
  • How to best utilise the technical elements of equipment
  • How to perform non-rotational & rotational VADs
  • Understanding the neonatal and maternal effects of VAD
  • Develop your risk consideration and adopt correct technique to enhance outcomes
Registration within Australia per participant: AUD$395
Registration includes:
  • 12months subscription to the vacuum delivery education resources and training videos
  • Access one to one learning support
  • Attendance at the training event
  • Certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the program
E-learning - Pre-learning module
Workshop training event - Hands-on practical session
E-learning 4hrs
Workshop training event 4hrs
Target Audience
Obstetricians, Midwives, Birth attendants, General practitioner (GP), Trainees, Other Care Providers
Online learning
Belinda Vacca

Workshop Requirements


We require certain details from the coordinator to arrange and conduct the workshop training event. Coordinators, please complete the Hold a Workshop Form.

For the practical session we will require the following items:

  • Two tables for the models
  • Disposable gloves – selection of sizes
  • Lubricant gel – the most convenient is ultrasound gel, two containers
  • Paper towels and a rubbish bin
  • Computer and projector

Participants are required to:

  • Register online before the event.
  • Complete the pre-training survey and pre-learning preparation before the event.

* We require a minimum number of 10 participants to hold an event.

* Workshop events outside of Australia require a minimum of 20 participants.


Can you help find placement for my registrars who cannot make our workshop event?

Yes, we can help find nearby placements for team members who cannot make it to your workshop event.

Are there prerequisites?

Yes, you are required to complete the workshop online pre-learning prior to attending the workshop training event.

Can I bring equipment we use at our hospital?

Yes, we invite you to bring along vacuum cups used at your hospital.

How do I receive my certificate of completion?

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the workshop post-training assessment.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your proof of registration. 


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