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    Handbook and The Five Steps DVD Bundle

    Handbook and The Five Steps DVD Bundle

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    The Five Steps of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD

    Presented by Aldo Vacca
    ISBN 978-1-920818-05-0
    PAL Format

      Essential principles for vacuum-assisted birth
      The five steps of vacuum-assisted delivery: model/animation
      The five steps: model revision
      The five steps: vacuum assisted birth video
      Dr Aldo Vacca: speaking about training

    The Technique of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD focuses entirely on the practical aspects of vacuum extraction and is aimed at clinicians who perform the procedure. Essential knowledge and technical skills that are required for vacuum delivery are outlined in the program. Actual video footage of a vacuum delivery is presented in the program followed by explanatory simulations of the procedure using high-fidelity training manikins.

    Handbook of Vacuum Delivery in Obstetric Practice

    Fully Revised 3nd Edition 2009 - in colour!
    Handbook of Vacuum Delivery in Obstetric Practice
    by Aldo Vacca
    ISBN 978 1 920818 03 6.

    The Handbook of Vacuum Delivery in Obstetric Practice is intended to be used as a resource for clinicians who perform or who are in training to perform standard and rotational vacuum delivery. In addition, all healthcare providers who assist women during and following vacuum birth, and neonatal paediatricians and nurses responsible for the care of their infants will find much information in the handbook helpful for their practices.

    Essential knowledge, procedural steps and technical skills for successful and safe vacuum delivery are outlined in the book in a clear and systematic fashion supported by over two hundred illustrations and photographs. The available evidence for best practice is critically examined and recommendations based on the data are discussed.

    A self-directed learning program based on the Handbook that includes a referenced review of the contents of the book as well as general knowledge and and case study multiple choice questions for self-assessment purposes is available from the Vacca Research website Clinician's Resources page.

    Operators who follow the guidelines presented in the handbook should, with practice, experience an improvement in successful vacuum delivery and a reduction in the risk of adverse outcome for the mother and infant.

    Extracts from Reviews of Previous Editions

    'Particularly valuable to those establishing or revising delivery unit protocols'
    Br J Obstet Gynaecol

    'The book should be included in the library of all departments of obstetrics and gynaecology'
    Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand

    'An excellent monograph on the instrument with good diagrams'
    Aust NZ J Obstet Gynaecol

    'This is a definitive volume on the subject'
    Aust Perinatal Soc.