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    The Five Steps of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD

    The Five Steps of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD

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    The Five Steps of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD

    Presented by Aldo Vacca
    ISBN 978-1-920818-05-0
    PAL Format

      Essential principles for vacuum-assisted birth
      The five steps of vacuum-assisted delivery: model/animation
      The five steps: model revision
      The five steps: vacuum assisted birth video
      Dr Aldo Vacca: speaking about training

    The Technique of Vacuum-assisted Delivery DVD focuses entirely on the practical aspects of vacuum extraction and is aimed at clinicians who perform the procedure. Essential knowledge and technical skills that are required for vacuum delivery are outlined in the program. Actual video footage of a vacuum delivery is presented in the program followed by explanatory simulations of the procedure using high-fidelity training manikins.