With accredited training events held in 32 countries across the world, we are dedicated to promoting successful vacuum delivery for the benefit of clinicians, mothers and their babies. Vacca Research is one of the leading vacuum delivery trainers in the world.


Improve your skills and level of care

Vacca Research training combines eLearning with practical hands-on technique development to deliver a truly holistic approach to skills improvement. You will complete online learning modules that provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Vacuum Assisted Delivery, complemented with attendance at the practical training workshop to equip you with the practical skills required to perform a safe and successful procedure.

Your skill improvement is the key to delivering the optimal level of care.

    Online eLearning

  • Understand the technical principles of vacuum delivery
  • Understand the safety and risk management aspects of Vacuum Assisted Delivery

   Hands-On Workshop

  • Learn to recognise, grade & perform safe Vacuum Assisted Delivery and enhance your skill level
  • Learn to perform non-rotational & rotational vacuum deliveries
  • Understand and apply safety and risk management to your vacuum delivery procedure

Comments from our workshops

"Great course. Will be very useful in my practice. "
Caboolture Hospital, QLD

How well do you know your vacuum delivery?


Position of the fetal head

Correct application of the vacuum cup depends on knowledge of the position of the head. The head is in which position?


The answer is: B

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